MT 1 - Sieve Residue Testing Device
  • MT 1 - Sieve Residue Testing Device
  • MT 1 - Sieve Residue Testing Device
  • MT 1 - Sieve Residue Testing Device

MT 1 - Sieve Residue Testing Device

SKU: test-set-MT-1

Part Number: MT10-BASU - Intrastat/HTS: 9031-8000


TEST SET MT 1 testing station for the analysis of sieve residue.

Inside the testing device the pigment or extender to be tested is brought into a circular movement by a water jet rotor which is situated inside the vessel. The fine materials are separated from the coarse materials by the water and the fine particles are flushed through a sieve. The sieve residue is dried and gravimetrically analysed according to the guidelines. Appropriate sieves (main range ISO 565) must be used according to the different testing guidelines. Furthermore, the recommendations of the DIN EN ISO 787-18 must be used.

The percentage of the components of impurities is specifically prescribed and is analysed in order to maintain the desired product quality. The TEST SET MT 1 testing device quickly provides the result which can be adjusted to the prescribed limiting values within the quality control. The TEST SET MT 1 is particularly important for extruded products and spinnable fibres. It provides reproducible results even for the most difficult products.

The TEST SET MT 1 is used worldwide for the testing of inorganic pigments, aerosils, silanes and carbons and also for materials like zinc oxide. Applications for organic polymers are possible in selected cases.



  • Design according to DIN EN ISO 787-18
  • Measurement ranges from 0,010 mm to 0,9 mm
  • Easy handling and evaluation
  • Handy screens (diameter 50 mm, weight from 5 g)
  • Easy sieve entry and removal
  • Absolute reproducibility of screening results
  • No dust forming due to sealed construction
  • Glass vessel for observation of process
  • Reliable and durable technology
  • Easy servicing
  • Compact space saving design
  • Automatic lifting system for vessel lid
  • Low noise level


  • Sieve pocket lens for an easy and fast inspection of sieve material acc. DIN EN 565, 3310-1
  • Precision-tool 1,0 / 1,05 mm for checking of the diameter of nozzles for quality control
  • Flow meter for flow rate measurement
  • Pump for pressure increase


Technical Data*

  • Housing: alloyed special steel
  • Analysis container: alloyed special steel
  • Container cover/lid: glass / Ms, stainless steel
  • Pressure reducing valve Ms, adjustable: 0 - 6 bar
  • Water pressure (set acc. to DIN): 3 bar
  • Flow meter: 60 – 600 L/h
  • Flow at the nozzles: 145 L/h
  • Total flow: 300 L/h
  • Water clock: 0-60 min
  • Input funnel: stainless steel
  • Discharge unit w / hose: stainless steel
  • Noise parameters: DIN 45635-01
  • Emitting value referring to: L pA eq = < 50 dB (A)

*Subject to modification

Spare Part & Options for MT-1

Base Unit
Dimension (L x W x H) 70 x 90 x 34.5 Centimetre
Weight 29 Kilogram