NDA VACU - Non Dispersible Matter (NDM)
  • NDA VACU - Non Dispersible Matter (NDM)
  • NDA VACU - Non Dispersible Matter (NDM)
  • NDA VACU - Non Dispersible Matter (NDM)

NDA VACU - Non Dispersible Matter (NDM)

SKU : Test_set-NDAVACU

Part Number: VACU-BASU - Intrastat/HTS: 9031-8000


Mechanical flushing method - Functional principle according to ASTM D 7724

This test method covers the determination of non-dispersible matter after mechanical water flushing of for example regular untreated carbon blacks. It may not be applicable to oil-treated carbon blacks because the oil would prevent proper wetting of the black by water.

The Test Set NDA VACU is used to test inorganic pigments, such as aerosils, silanes and carbons through to zinc oxide. In some cases, applications with organic polymers are also possible. 

The test device NDA VACU quickly delivers the result, which can be adjusted within quality control with the specified limit values. NDA VACU is of particular importance for extruded products and for staple fibres. It delivers reproducible results even with the most difficult products.


  • High-quality, reliable and durable technology
  • Simple handling, servicing and evaluation
  • Fully-automatic operating program
  • Collecting tank 50 liters with integrated water pump (fully automatic)
  • Handy screens (diameter 105 mm)
  • Simplest sieve entry and removal
  • Absolute reproducibility of screening results
  • No dust dispersion due to sealed construction
  • Glass vessel for observation of process
  • Easy maintenance
  • Space saving construction
  • Automatic lifting system for vessel lid
  • Low noise level


Spare Part & Options for NDA VACU

Base Unit
Dimension (L x W x H) 180 x 95 x 90 Centimetre
Weight 150 Kilogram