Random Access Sample Buffer (RASB)

This option can take 14 samples. It provides random access to any position as selected in the control software. The carousel is motorized and automatically transfers the
samples to the tester. A transparent cover ensures easy filling and visual control of all positions and prevents accidental spillage.

The RASB connects via the IPHT’s secondary serial port and is controlled by the IPHT’s control software. The software supports test planning through instructions where to filling
which sample according to your specific “Test List”. Furthermore, the software allows a high degree of flexibility in conducting tests: tests can be added, deleted or re-ordered,
even while measurements are running. A running sequence can be interrupted and tests can be inserted without actually going through the buffer.


Key Features

  • Buffer for up to 14 samples with sequence of testing in any order as selected in control software
  • Pneumatics to automatically clean residues from the IPHT sample container after each test
  • No modification required on IPHT – only place into position and activate in software
  • Can be removed at any time to use IPHT as “simple” tester
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