Hydraulic press for the preparation of carbon black samples according to ASTM D3493 and ISO 4656

The HCBP is an hydraulic press engineered for the specific use of compressing carbon black according to the ASTM standard D3493 and ISO 4656 for the determination of COAN number. The HCBP is designed to be placed and operated in a chemical lab with a compact design and with particular attention on HSE aspects. The compressing chamber is a confined area accessible by opening a transparent door.

On the back of the machine, a shutter allows the user to connect the system to the exhaust system of the lab (diam. 100 mm).

The press is set up to give on the sample the target pressure of 165 MPa. An analogic pressure gauge allows the operator to control the pressure of the system while compressing.
A digital cycle counter helps the operator to keep count of the compression cycles already done.


Key features

  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • Ready for connection to the exhaust system
  • Compressing area enclose and safe
  • Pressure gauge for visual control of pressure during compression
  • Digital cycle counter



  • CE marking
  • SGS-USTC certified
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The device is supplied in a wood box laying on the right side.
The machine must be handled by a lifting hoist, unloaded, and positioned on wheels.
The wheels are for positioning the machine in the correct place, not for long distance displacement.

Additional information

Weight 325,00 kg
Dimensions 80,9 × 75,8 × 190,8 cm