Automatic equipment to determine carbon black crush strength, compliant to ASTM D5230 and ISO 8942

The Individual Pellet Hardness Tester (IPHT) is an automated tester to determine individual crush strength of carbon black pellets. The Individual Pellet Hardness Tester has been initially developed in 1993 and is in use with many international carbon black manufactures and producers of rubber products. The IPHT has been designed to provide reliable measurements of individual pellet hardness according to ASTM International and ISO standards.

This IPHT has been further optimized to facilitate cleaning and be less sensitive to vibrations. The extensive control software runs on standard Windows® based PCs and is constantly kept up to date to stay compatible with latest PC technology and to reflect possible changes to the respective standards.


Key features

  • Fully compliant to relevant international standards
  • Exceed applicable standards
  • Integrated Random Access Sample Buffer (RASB) and damping table
  • Easy to clean
  • Connects to standard PC via serial port



  • CE marking
  • SGS-USTC certified
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