Mixing chamber with bowl

The chamber is designed for use on HITEC Luxembourg oil absorptometer DABS. It is however also compatible in dimensions to fit onto a Brabender type E or older. This requires an appropriate clutch half and it may require appropriate modifications of the covers to hold the brackets for the safety switches.

A chamber is identified by its serial number. The drive (D) and the bowl (B) have separate identification. A new complete chamber is typically shipped with the same number for drive and bowl (e.g. D12345 and B12345). The condition of the bowl is mostly affecting the measuring results. Separate replacement bowls DABS-MBSS are available.


Attache clutch half DABS-0102 to axel. Mount chamber on DABS-BASU with 4 each screws M6x20 mm. Do not fully tighten the screws.  Close safety door and push start button to run motor. Observe the idle torque to stay below 100. Open door and further tighten the screws. Repeat torque verification and tightening of the screws until the screws are fully tightened while the torque remains as low as possible and below 100 with the chamber running idle.

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