Spare bowl stainless steel

Replacement bowl for mixing chambers of oil absorption systems. A bowl is identified by its serial number, which is given as B12345 (stamped on the right side). The bowl fits on the original HITEC Luxembourg mixing chamber, but also on Brabender mixing chambers as used on type E as well as on type A and B models. The unique propriety surface treatment assures reproducible and stable results over a relatively long time. The bowls are further pre-conditioned before shipment so that they can immediately be used without pre-polishing (see ASTM D2414, annex A3). Of course, a Normalization as per ASTM D2414, chapter 8.3 MUST be done before testing samples.



The condition of the bowl is mostly affecting the measuring results. Bowls, which are worn out, will return results that are significantly off target for carbon black standard reference blacks.

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