Torque calibration kit (5 loads) (B)

This kit is used to verify the good reading of the torque of the DABS oil absorptometer. It consists of 5 eack blocks made of steel with each a mass of around 1861 grams.  It allows to adjust the torque reading to be better than 0.2% – appropriate support is in the DABS maintenance menu. And it allows to verify the linearity of the load cell up to 9.4 kg load (incl. Weight Support Block).

The mass of each block in g is stamped on the side of the block. This mass has been determined by HITEC Luxembourg by means of a precision balance (e.g. Mettler Toledo PB3002-SDR) for which HITEC Luxembourg keeps appropriate calibration certificates on file. The mass of each block is certified to be within +/- 2 g over its lifetime, unless it gets significantly damaged in use. The mass can be verified anytime by use of a similar calibrated balance, assuring 0.5 g measuring accuracy for a load of 1860 g. Note however that +/-4 g accuracy for the mass of each block are considered as sufficient for the application to calibrate the DABS load cell and to verify its linearity.


Refer to appropriate sections of the DABS manual version 2010 or later. You can ask to HITEC Luxembourg for the Microsoft Excel sheet for the verification of the linearity readings of the load-cell.

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